Case Study - Online shop for artisanal candles

Meche is a Quebec-based artisanal candle company specializing in handcrafted candles made from 100% natural soy wax. Our candles are meticulously crafted to provide luxurious scents and sustainable ambiance for any space.

Next, Sanity, Ecommerce, Branding, Shopify


Meche, founded in 2023, is a premier artisanal candle company based in Quebec, Canada. We specialize in handcrafting candles using 100% natural soy wax, ensuring both luxury and sustainability. Since our inception, Meche has garnered a loyal customer base, with multiple orders serving clients across Canada and France.

To ensure optimal performance and user experience, our website is built using cutting-edge technology. Powered by Next.js, a React framework, our frontend offers seamless navigation and fast page loading times. Additionally, we leverage Shopify as our e-commerce platform, providing customers with a secure and convenient shopping experience.

What We Did

  • Frontend (Next.js)
  • CMS (Sanity)
  • E-commerce (Shopify)
  • Branding
  • Custom integrations

Collaborating with Studio, we've established Meche as a leader in the artisanal candle industry. Their expertise in Next.js and Shopify has allowed us to create a user-friendly website that showcases our exquisite candle collections and facilitates seamless online transactions.

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Co-founder of Meche
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